Read about the famous SLO hotel that stole my heart.


Looking for an amazing Carmel bed and breakfast? Well I just stayed at the Vagabond's House and I'm entirely in love with it.


Lake Tahoe has been my home away from home since day 1. And yet, I'm still uncovering its many secrets.


You don't have to go to India to get great chai (however, it doesn't hurt).


Stay at Gold River Lodge in Klamath, CA


The story of spontaneously driving along the PCH


I claim to be a city girl. I'm a sucker for those ridiculous hipster coffee shops that serve drinks like the half-cold-brew-half-root-beer concoction I am sipping now. In a city, there's always something new and exciting to do and everyone is filled to the brim with the electric energy that the city inspires. I love this and I love the city. Still, there's another side of me.

There is a side of me (I'd say a good 40-50% of me) that savors sipping tea and reading a book in h...

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