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My life philosophy is simple: say yes whenever possible. When presented with a new adventure, I ask myself a few simple questions: Am I physically capable? Am I mentally able? Do I want to? Can I afford it? Is it (probably) safe? If the answer is yes, I say yes. Kayaking in Gozo soared through the test and before long, I was on a little red Kayak in the middle of the ocean with my guide, Ted, and fellow adventurer, Rich, on our way to El Comino Island.


A Review of Villagg Tal Fanal in Gozo


I spent my first day in Malta exploring the old streets of Valetta, touring St. John's cathedral, and eating over-priced fish. That night I stayed in a lovely hostel, but hostel none-the-less. The next day I hopped on a ferry to Gozo and my vacation quickly changed pace. I left the tourists behind and set foot on the quieter, less developed island of Gozo. But that wasn't the only change of pace. I also traded youth hostel for vacation rental. And as much as I loved the hostel, I was not about to co...


Malta and Gozo are the two islands making up The Republic of Malta. They may be part of the same country, but they are incredibly different islands. When planning my trip to this pair of islands, I was pretty torn and struggled to decide how to split my time. The internet didn't help. There's was surprisingly little information on Malta vs Gozo. If it hadn't been for the advice of a fellow traveler, I don't know what I would have done. In the end I decided to spend most my time on Gozo, and I'm glad I did, but that's no...


Budget is a huge factor in my travel plans. I'm always searching for ways to save, whether it's on flights, food, or accommodations. As I prepare to move back to New York City, I've been considering how to keep traveling even as my budget becomes tighter than ever. That's why I've been researching the cheapest cities to visit in America. Here are five of the cheapest and most interesting options I've found.


I arrived in Malta all a flutter. It was my first time traveling solo in over a year and I could feel myself sinking into the familiar sensation of being somewhere entirely unfamiliar. The air felt fresher than the air in Scotland. Not that Maltese air is actually any fresher, but there's something about newness that tastes crisp and clear. I was excited to be on the road again and eager to start exploring. But after a long day of travel, I was also exhausted. It was in this state that I arrived at Boho Hostel. Boho is a hostel in Malta in...


Join me on a magical Harry Potter tour of Edinburgh, the city that inspired many of the places in the Harry Potter books!


There are few things as sacred to a traveler as the travel journal. This is the story of my relationship to travel journals and the most treasured travel journal I've ever owned.


Responsible travel is a rising trend. These seven companies will help you enjoy your vacation while assuring you make a socially and environmentally responsible decision in planning your travels.

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Kayaking in Gozo: The Ultimate Malta Adventure

June 11, 2017

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