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DAY 2: Lake Tahoe, CA to Midvale, UT

Miles: 570

Hours: 11

Tesla Charging Stops: 4

Brenda's Highs and Lows

High: Retracing the Nevada leg of Chris and Matt's Bike Ride Across America. 

Low: Never actually seeing a prison break, even though our entire route was lined with signs that read: "PRISON AREA: HITCHHIKING PROHIBITED". 

High: Watching Sarah witness the salt flats and come to the realization that that's why Salt Lake City has "salt" in the name. 

Sarah's Highs and Lows

High: Waking up in time to enjoy a stunning farewell sunrise over Lake Tahoe.


It all sarted with a hike. An innocent enough endeavor, but with dire consequences. 

You see, I was enjoying what was supposed to be a two-week visit to California. Then, one disasturous dog-walk later, I found myself inside an MRI, unable to straighten my knee, and unsure if I would be able to return to NYC anytime soon. Eventually, the doctor's orders arrived: I was couch-bound for 8 weeks. 

Those weeks passed without incident and, finally healed, the time came to return to the city. With Mowgli in-toe my only option was to drive back. So I re...


Anyone who knows me knows that February is my birthday month. Mostly because the day Christmas ends, I start counting down the days until February 25th. Being the birthday-obsessed human I am, I couldn’t possible choose a February wanderlust destination without my birthday swaying the decision. Which is why I chose a destination that has been on my birthday bucket list for years: New Orleans. Why my longing to travel to New Orleans in February? Guess you’ll just have to keep reading…


Palm fronds drifted past the boat as our ferryman, known only as El Gato to me, guided us gently around mini-whirlpools in the brown river. El Gato hummed to himself, the only noise audible over the water’s rush. We drifted down the winding river, advancing deeper into the Amazon Rainforest. The morning fog dissipated to reveal the small Peruvian pueblo where three leaders had recently been charged for kidnapping an expat. When the boat docked on the sand bar it sank in: I was in way over my head.


There's a concept in yogic philosophy known as "sthira" and "sukha", roughly translated as "effort" and "ease". I have always loved this idea, but as someone who tends to inhabit the extremes, I have never been very good at living it.


There's a whole world to explore; where do you even start?! Well, I've done a little research and in my humble opinion, these are my recommended top travel destinations for 2018: Croatia, Iceland, Peru, Scotland, Malta, Ethiopia, and Morocco. Read on to find out why.


Umm. Japan? I know, I know, not what pops to mind when I say "winter wonderland," but bear with me. I did a little research and it turns out Nagano in Japan is actually a winter paradise. I mean, they did host the 1998 Winter Olympics, so they must know something about snow... right?


The freezing Edinburgh air cut straight to my core, but with the trickling of my friends' laughter floating out of the window, the unforgettable view of the castle illuminated in the starlight, and a bag of cheap groceries from a shitty corner store, I felt the warmest I've felt in a while.

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