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I have always longed to see the Sahara desert. Every picture of it makes me think of a National Geographic cover, and who doesn't want their life to resemble a National Geographic cover? To be honest, for the longest time I didn't even know what there was to do in the Sahara Desert. I just knew I wanted to see this:


I have always been holiday obsessed. Whether it's getting dressed up for Halloween, stuffing my face with pie for Thanksgiving, decorating the tree for Christmas, making a mess with confetti for New Years, or treating myself to something special for my birthday, there are few things I love as much as the holiday season. But there are some things, and travel is one of those things. Which is why, when faced with the choice between staying on the road or returning home for the holidays, I have often chosen the road.


My recommendation to anyone spending two days on the Isle of Skye would be to just drive. Worry less about where you are going and just go. There are like three roads on the island, so you can't get lost, and regardless of where you drive, you are bound to find something truly beautiful.


I had a fairly humble bucket list upon moving to Edinburgh; I wanted to see the sites that inspired J.K. Rowling to write Harry Potter, learn to like whisky, visit the highlands. I have now been to every site even vaguely related to Harry Potter, I am an avid whisky drinker, and I went on one adventure with two of my very best friends in the Highlands of Scotland. More specifically, I went on an Isle of Skye camping trip that was one of the most stunning, exciting, and laughter-filled adventures of my many years of travel.


Some of the best memories many of us have come from travel. Being in new and exciting places is a highlight of life. Photographs create lasting memories of these highlights, which you can cherish over the years. Through photographs, you can also share your experience with friends and loved ones when you return. This is why it is important to take the best photographs that you can; so here are five tips for taking great travel photos that you will cherish for a lifetime.


I don't remember how old I was, where I saw it, or why I was watching a show about Mongolia, but I have a vivid memory of watching a video of dogs running around the Mongolian countryside. What with my obsession with dogs and love of the open country, it is no wonder that Mongolia immediately found a spot on my bucket list.


I went through every cause I could think of, but nothing could explain it. The feeling passed and I packed up and went home. A few hours later I was sitting in my bedroom, also working (which is pretty much all I did those days), when out of nowhere I felt an sharp, piercing pain in my left side body. The pain was followed by nausea, dizziness, chills, and very nearly fainting. I shuffled toward the living room in a confused stupor and nearly collapsed on the couch. I looked at my roommate and I finally admitted the truth, "I am not fine....


Well, I'm back in America. It wasn't the plan, but I'll write about that more in the next blog. When has life ever followed a plan, anyway? And to be honest, I'm not even that upset about it. After a year in Edinburgh, the California sunshine is much appreciated, as is the chance to take a break from paying rent for a few months.

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