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There's a whole world to explore; where do you even start?! Well, I've done a little research and in my humble opinion, these are my recommended top travel destinations for 2018: Croatia, Iceland, Peru, Scotland, Malta, Ethiopia, and Morocco. Read on to find out why.


Dar Ta' Zeppi was the last place I stayed in Gozo and it was, without a doubt, my favorite of my Gozo accommodations. Tanja and Vince, the owners of this charming bed and breakfast, are two of the kindest, warmest-hearted people I've ever met. The minute I arrived, Tanja and I sat down for a mug of tea and I instantly felt at home. Every minute after that I fell more an more in love with the place, and if I ever get the chance to return to Gozo, Dar Ta' Zeppi will be my first stop.


I fell in love with Dar Ghax-Xemx before I even stepped inside. It sits on a small, winding street lined with old, limestone buildings. The street is narrow, but it's made even narrower by the overflowing with plants that pour out of the pots lining the historic brick alley. The setting is picturesque to say the least. But one thing I’ve learned from my travels is to never judge a book by its cover. So I held my judgments for after I’d spent a night in this vacation rental. Here’s what I discovered.


I'm a pisces. (That's right, I'm going full hippie on you all). I'm a pisces and therefore have an unshakable connection with water. Nothing revives me after a rough day as much as sitting in a warm shower and feeling the water patter on my back. As a kid, I used to complain that I had a February birthday because all I wanted to do for my birthday was have a pool party. My dad used to get angry with me for playing barefoot in the rain in the dead of winter. And no matter how cold the day, if I see fresh water, I am going to jum...


My life philosophy is simple: say yes whenever possible. When presented with a new adventure, I ask myself a few simple questions: Am I physically capable? Am I mentally able? Do I want to? Can I afford it? Is it (probably) safe? If the answer is yes, I say yes. Kayaking in Gozo soared through the test and before long, I was on a little red Kayak in the middle of the ocean with my guide, Ted, and fellow adventurer, Rich, on our way to El Comino Island.


A Review of Villagg Tal Fanal in Gozo


I spent my first day in Malta exploring the old streets of Valetta, touring St. John's cathedral, and eating over-priced fish. That night I stayed in a lovely hostel, but hostel none-the-less. The next day I hopped on a ferry to Gozo and my vacation quickly changed pace. I left the tourists behind and set foot on the quieter, less developed island of Gozo. But that wasn't the only change of pace. I also traded youth hostel for vacation rental. And as much as I loved the hostel, I was not about to co...


Malta and Gozo are the two islands making up The Republic of Malta. They may be part of the same country, but they are incredibly different islands. When planning my trip to this pair of islands, I was pretty torn and struggled to decide how to split my time. The internet didn't help. There's was surprisingly little information on Malta vs Gozo. If it hadn't been for the advice of a fellow traveler, I don't know what I would have done. In the end I decided to spend most my time on Gozo, and I'm glad I did, but that's no...

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