The Travel Manifesto


The Travel Manifesto

Take life less seriously

Routine is riskier than adventure

Talk to strangers

Get Lost

Put down the camera and soak in the moment

Pack less stuff

Eat it, even if you don't know what it is

Believe you are brave

Try it, especially if it scares you

Expect to lose something

Always pack an extra roll of toilet paper

Break the rules (but not the important ones)

Spend less, do more

Always leave it better than you found it

Learn how to say "thank you," "hello," and "where is the bathroom"

Laugh at yourself

Wear comfortable shoes

Ignore those who think it’s impossible

Call home

Surprise yourself

Be a traveler, not a tourist

There's only one way to know where the path leads...

Follow it

Surround yourself with people who expect you to do great things

Then do great things

If you love it, do it


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