Why I'm Obsessed with Bogota

I've been a lot of places and to say any one is my favorite is just a lie. There are good things and bad things about everywhere in the world. That being said, I fell in love with Bogota in about 10 minutes. Read on to find out why this charming city stole me heart...

The whole city is a piece of art

Bogota is seriously one of the most artistic cities I have ever seen. It seems like every other building is decorated with an intricate, stunning mural. While I've been to a good number of cities where street art is a big thing, I've never been somewhere that celebrates and supports their street artists as much as Bogota does. Whether you go on one of Bogota's street art tours or just look for the art on your own, make sure you cut out some time while in Bogota to explore the gorgeous city streets.

It's at the corner of modern and traditional

There are a lot of ways in which Bogota feels like a modern, urban city. The hip cafes, adorable handicraft shops, and prevalence of young 20-somethings wearing too much jewelry to name a few. On the other hand, it's still a very traditional Colombian city. Traditional cuisine is everywhere, the city has yet to be overrun with tourists, and you really feel like you're getting an authentic experience in the heart of Colombia.

The food is... just... wow.

Not to mention it's dirt cheap. I gorged myself on local homemade tamales, churros, street vendors on every corner, and hot chocolate for days while in Bogota. To top it all off, I don't think I ever spent more than $5 on a meal. Just be warned... the food in Colombia will ruin you when you come home and have to pay twice as much for a meal that isn't nearly half as good.

You are bound to make a few friends

I cannot count the number of strangers who became my friends while I was in Bogota, and I didn't even meet them all in the hostels. Everyone I stumbled across in coffee shops and even on the streets was eager to talk to me and show me around their gorgeous city. I cannot say enough to express how grateful I am for the amazing folks I met in Bogota.

Falling in love with Bogota is too easy

Moral of the story? Go to Bogota. Fall in love. Tell me all about it in the comments below :)

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