My Search for the Best Chai Tea Latte

It all started the summer after I graduated high school. After taking off our cap and gown, my friends and I eagerly drove south to celebrate our new status with trips to Disneyland, Newport Beach, and the like. One day of exploring led us to a secluded café overrun with greenery and clearly the kind of hip place we were hoping to find outside of our hometown. I ordered my usual, a chai tea latte. Thus, the journey began.

Until that moment my only knowledge of chai lattes came from Starbucks and Peet's. I took one sip of the chai latte at Gypsy Den and my eyes popped. If it had been a sitcom, I would have dropped my mug. It was unlike anything I'd ever tasted before. The sweet and spicy beverage stole my heart and from that day forward I made it my goal to find the best chai latte in the world.

This list is constantly growing, but here are some of the best chai tea lattes I have ever tasted (and I've tasted a lot of chai tea lattes).

Gypsy Den

Costa Mesa, CA

Peacefood Cafe

New York City

Portfolio Coffeehouse

Long Beach, CA

Dancing Goats

Atlanta, GA

Boro Bean

Hopewell, NJ

The Laughing Goat

Boulder, CO

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