5 Bucket List American Cities I'm Dying to Visit

Well, I'm back in America. It wasn't the plan, but I'll write about that more in the next blog. When has life ever followed a plan, anyway? And to be honest, I'm not even that upset about it. After a year in Edinburgh, the California sunshine is much appreciated, as is the chance to take a break from paying rent for a few months.

I've mentioned in a few other blogs that I am eager to start exploring stateside, and that interest has far from disappeared. In fact, I've already started daydreaming about my next adventure, an all-American road trip! Being the dreamer I am, I've already decided on five bucket list American cities that will absolutely be on my itinerary. Now I need to figure out when I can actually take this trip!

1. Asheville, North Carolina

Photo via Flickr by Ken Lane

I'm incredibly curious about Asheville. I've heard it called the Berkeley of North Carolina more than once, and as an East Bay native, that was enough to pique my interest. With the Blue Ridge Mountains in its backyard and a super hip, artsy vibe throughout, Asheville is definitely calling.

2. New Orleans, Louisiana

Photo via Flickr by w4nd3rl0st (InspiredinDesMoines)

New Orleans has been on my travel bucket list as long as I've had one. I'm a February baby, so I'm particularly interested in visiting during Mardi Gras. But I'd be happy to stay for a while and experience what else the city has to offer. The ghost tours, mafia tours, and conspiracy tours are totally up my alley.

3. St. Louis, Missouri

Photo via Flickr by Thomas Hawk

St. Louis first appeared on my radar when I spotted a fellow traveler's Instagram photo of the city's annual hot air balloon festival. Further research has made me realize that there are actually a lot of sights to see in St. Louis. Plus, going up the Gateway Arch is in my "100 Things to Do Before You Die" book, so I pretty much have to go.

4. Austin Texas

Photo via Flickr by dingatx

Austin is another city that I've been fascinated with for years, and my fellow travelers swear that Austin is unlike any Texas stereotype I've ever heard. Apparently it's up there with Portland as one of the strangest cities in the country, so how could I not visit? After all, I'm a sucker for weird cities.

5. Savannah, Georgia

Photo via Flickr by J. Stephen Conn

Savannah also made the aforementioned weird cities list, so it also makes my list. The city loves ghosts, and I would be willing to travel pretty far for a good ghost story. My interest in Savannah has more to do with what's happening with the living, though, and apparently Savannahians know how to live!

I don't know when I'll be on the road again or how long or far I'll travel, but I do know one thing. Each and every one of these cities will be on my list! I'm excited to spend some time exploring my home country, and I'm excited to share the adventures with you!

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