Day 2: B.S. Leaves California

DAY 2: Lake Tahoe, CA to Midvale, UT

Miles: 570

Hours: 11

Tesla Charging Stops: 4


Brenda's Highs and Lows


High: Retracing the Nevada leg of Chris and Matt's Bike Ride Across America. 


Low: Never actually seeing a prison break, even though our entire route was lined with signs that read: "PRISON AREA: HITCHHIKING PROHIBITED". 


High: Watching Sarah witness the salt flats and come to the realization that that's why Salt Lake City has "salt" in the name. 


Sarah's Highs and Lows


High: Waking up in time to enjoy a stunning farewell sunrise over Lake Tahoe.


Low: Mom brewing my evening tea with coffee instead of hot water. (She would like me to add that it was on accident). 


High: Entering Utah and realizing I was one state closer to home. 


Mowgli's Highs and Lows


High: Caught a great scent in Lovelock today and got to track it all around the park. 


Low: I'm starting to wonder where Grandpa Chris went. I miss his pats. 


High: We stayed in this magical place mom calls "La Quinta" where every door smells like dogs. 


Tahoe Sunrise


Lovelock, NV


Prision Break Warning Signs




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