Day 4: B.S. Enjoys Nature


DAY 4: Grand Junction, CO to Colby, KS

Miles: 487

Hours: 9.5

Tesla Charging Stops: 4


Brenda's Highs and Lows


High: Watching Sarah work while I drove and witnessing the constant flow of endorsments and freelance job offers she receives on a daily basis. 


Low: Having to drive below the 75 mph speed limit to make it to the next supercharger. Second only to Mowgli's stinky farts. 


High: Being surrounded by lighting storms as we crossed the plains of Eatern Colorado. 


Sarah's Highs and Lows


High: Replanting my terrarium in a new (and cuter and unbroken) container. 


Low: Battling the glitch-ridden Tesla control panel that insists on turning up the seat warmers everytime I adjust the volume. 


High: Hiking in the mountains of Colorado while waiting for the Tesla to charge. 


Mowgli's Highs and Lows


High: Two extra-long walks. I think I like Colorado. 


Low: Was unable to catch the fly that invaded the Tesla, regardless of how hard I tried. 


High: Everyone at the hotels and coffee shops giving me pats. I knew I liked Colorado. 


Hiking in Glenwood Springs 





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