B.S. Across America: The B.S. Begins

It all sarted with a hike. An innocent enough endeavor, but with dire consequences.

You see, I was enjoying what was supposed to be a two-week visit to California. Then, one disasturous dog-walk later, I found myself inside an MRI, unable to straighten my knee, and unsure if I would be able to return to NYC anytime soon. Eventually, the doctor's orders arrived: I was couch-bound for 8 weeks.

Those weeks passed without incident and, finally healed, the time came to return to the city. With Mowgli in-toe my only option was to drive back. So I recruited my mom and the B.S. adventures began! (B for Brenda (my mom) and S for Sarah (me)).

With six-to-eleven hours in the Testla each day, we decided what better way to pass the time than to write a blog? But neither of us had much interest in the long-form blogs of Autobiography of an Adventurer's past; instead, we decided a daily "high-low-high" would suffice. So, without further ado...

DAY 1: Danville, CA to Lake Tahoe, CA

Miles: 194

Hours: 4

Tesla Charging Stops: 1

Brenda's Highs and Lows

High: Packing at top speed, leaving at top speed, driving at top speed, and leaving the clean-up to Chris (thanks babe).

Low: Jets losing Monday night football, hence me losing my chance at a first-ever weekly win in the Fantasy Football pool.

High: Enjoying the season's first snow in Tahoe and first fire in the fireplace.

Sarah's Highs and Lows

High: FINALLY leaving Danville (no offense Mom and Dad).

Low: Mom taking a wrong turn within five minutes of the 10-day road trip... looks like we've got a long road ahead.

High: No, seriously, FINALLY leaving Danville.

Mowgli's Highs and Lows

High: I got to join the car ride this time instead of waiting at home for my people to come back to me. Mom keeps saying I'm "part of the B.S.", but I don't know what that means.

Low: Mom made me leave the magical backyard full of squirrels and racoons.

High: I got to pee on my favorite pine tree and chase chipmunks in Lake Tahoe again.

Mowgli was less thrilled to leave Danville... not to mention the squirrel filled backyard...

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