Day 5: B.S. Reunites with Family

DAY 5: Colby, KS to Columbia, MO

Miles: 498

Hours: 10.5

Tesla Charging Stops: 6


Brenda's Highs and Lows


High: I was able to drive across the plains of Kansas going above the speed limit (just a little bit) without any range anxiety. 


Low: Spending SO many hours in the car. 


High: Dining outside while enjoying a bottle of rose and hours of engaging conversation with my niece and daughter. 


Sarah's Highs and Lows


High: Discovering a hidden waterfall park behind one of our supercharger stations. 


Low: Kansas. 


High: Talking religion, politics, and everything in between with my favorite female cousin. 


Mowgli's Highs and Lows


High: Having the run of an empty dog park next to the morning supercharger. 


Low: A very exhausting dinner of protecting my people from all the passing dogs. 


High: Meeting a fellow member of the pack the people call "Naomi" and getting all the pats. 


Endless corn in Kansas



Cool mailboxes in Salinas, Kansas


 Surprise waterfall park in Indepence, Missouri

A fine family reunion!




































Mowgli meeting his first-cousin, Naomi, and making fast friends


 Sunset view from Naomi's apartment



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