Your Next Cup of Joe Could Save a Puppy's Life

Most of us have one thing on our mind when it comes to coffee: energy. Our lack of it, our need for it, and our hope that coffee will provide it. But brothers Derek and Darren LaBorie had something else on their minds. Derek and Darren wanted to provide great coffee to people and provide great homes to animals. That's how they came up with the idea for Muddy Paw Coffee Company.

This tiny coffee shop is doing big things

Muddy Paw Coffee Company is a family run business based in Portsmouth, New Hampshire that donates 50 cents from every pound of coffee sold to animal rescue foundations. The hole in the wall coffee shop, Muddy Paw LA, is an adorable coffee shop in Silver Lake that is proudly serving Muddy Paw beans and promoting animal rights in a variety of ways.

They host fundraisers for different animal rescue foundations and promote artists who feature animal rights issues. They also help animals in need find homes by promoting local adoption events and posting photos of adoptable dogs on their Facebook page. Whether you are a dog lover like me or a supporter of animal rights in general, this is an awesome place where you can feel good about spending upwards of $4 on a latte.

A comfortable place for you and your pooch to relax

The tiny interior of this cafe can be misleading. It looks as if it is made for to-go orders, but step out the back door to access a secluded paradise. Sit quietly and enjoy your cup of joe in peace or log onto their free wifi and park yourself for a day of work. Just be ready to make some new friends as this is a hot spot for dog owners. If you have a furry friend of your own, this is one of the few cafes where you can bring any size dog to hang with you. Unsurprisingly, the courtyard had at least one dog sprawled across the shaded concrete at all times.

Fun, unique drinks to make your mouth water

The founders of Muddy Paw Coffee Company are serious about their beans and wanted to provide high quality coffee to their customers. I am no expert in coffee, but from my perspective, they've been successful. Coffee aficionados will have to taste the beans for themselves, but coffee wimps like me will be in heaven with their unique and fun drink list.

Luckily the staff is friendly and patient, because I am infamously indecisive and let at least three customers go before me while I tried to decide which drink to order. I eventually decided on the "Salty Old Dog" and just about died it was so good. Think I'm being dramatic? Try it for yourself and then we can talk.

Go beyond the beans

I was drawn to this coffee shop because of my lifetime obsession with dogs and I enjoyed it because of the delicious drinks, friendly staff, and hip courtyard, but none of that is why I wanted to write about it. I wanted to write about it because I hope that this is a sign of what is coming. Call me a dreamer, but I like to imagine a world where every time we buy something, it serves a greater purpose.

I don't want to turn this into a rant about conscious consumption, but I do want to remind people that where you spend your money is one of the most powerful ways to influence the future of consumerism and what companies last. If you are in or around Silver Lake any time soon, check this place out. If not, you can order some beans to show your support. Or just have a little faith knowing that a place like this exists.

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