7 Travel Gadgets You Never Knew You Needed

All you need to travel is enough money to pay for transportation, food, and shelter. Sometimes not even that if you're willing to work for room and board. Just because that is all you "need" doesn’t mean you won’t LOVE these awesome travel gadgets. I know I do!

OREI Worldwide Travel Plug Adapter

One of the first things I pack for every trip is my universal adapter. This is the only adapter I bring. Regardless of what country I am traveling from and what country I am traveling to, the OREI Worldwide Travel Plug Adapter keeps me covered.

One reason I love this one as opposed to other universal adapters is because it also has two USB ports. This means I can charge all of my electronics from this one adapter and do not have to worry about packing multiple adapters for my many gadgets.

Get it here.

Kensington MicroSaver Portable Keyed Laptop Lock

Between hostels, motels, and other make-shift lodging I am often in situations where I need to lock everything before leaving the room. I never felt safe leaving my laptop behind, so I would often lug my computer bag around town as I explored. And since I still have a dinosaur of a dinosaur of a computer, my shoulders were feeling the strain.

This lock allows me to leave my laptop behind without worrying about it. The nifty design means I can lock it to just about any surface and the compact size makes it convenient to travel with.

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Go Travel Digital Scale

Packing is my kryptonite. With as much traveling as I have done, you would think I would know what 50 pounds feels like. But alas, you will often find me sitting on my bag and trying to force it closed only to show up at the airport and find I have to shed five pounds.

No one likes to hear someone tell them to lose weight. This luggage scale is a lifesaver for me. It’s super easy to use—just hook the ribbon around the handle and lift. It will tell you in pounds and kilograms how much your luggage weighs so that you can pack appropriately. No more stuffing books and shoes into your carry on! Plus, it’s super small and light, so you can slide it easily into your 49.9 pound bag.

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Cocoon Grid-It Organizer

This is one of my guilty pleasures. I realize it is one of those things that is by no means a necessity, but once you travel with it, you will never want to travel without it. I love my laptop/yoga bag (more on that in a blog to come), but there is one downfall: it’s lacking in the pocket department.

Some would call me a neat freak. I prefer organized. Either way, I like to know where everything is and I like to have quick access to it in a moments notice. With the Grid-It I can keep those items I most frequently dig for in an easy to find spot. It slides neatly into my carry on and keeps everything organized, so I don’t have to spend half the flight digging for my headphones.

Get it here.

Miniature Flashlight

If you are spending a few weeks in a luxury villa in Italy, you can skip this one. Chances are you won't need it. But for those of you who are pursuing adventure traveling, this baby will become your best friend. It is super light and portable, but it is still a pretty powerful light.

I have a tendency to travel to countries where power outages are a daily occurrence and I’m always glad to have a light nearby. If you would rather not eat dinner in the dark, consider sliding a miniature flashlight in your bag.

Mine is pretty old, but you can find newer versions here.

GoBag Magnetic Dry Bag

When I first got this, I got it so I could take my camera/phone out on my paddle board. Since then, I have used it for so much more. Obviously it is great for any water activities. From boating to white water rafting, you can keep your water-sensitive items safe with these bags.

While my main use has been water protection, I have found this bag useful for packing as well. I will put my nail polish, mini lotion, or anything else I am worried about leaking inside of it. This way if they break or pop open, they wont ruin everything I own.

Bonus feature? You can use your smartphone even when it is inside the bag.

Get it here.

Inflatable Travel HoodiePillow

This one is my personal favorite. Why? Because it makes me look super fly.

Actually, I have never owned a neck pillow before this. As I mentioned above, I always over pack, so I never had enough space for a pillow. That’s why I was so excited to find this. I can deflate it and tuck it away where it wont take up any space, but once I’m on the plane I can inflate it and have a comfy neck pillow!

It is very comfortable without the hood, but once you pull the hood up, sleep is practically guaranteed to follow. Plus, it’s a great way to send a passive aggressive sign to that chatty neighbor that tells them you just don’t want to talk anymore.

Get it here.

Have a product you love that I didn’t mention?

I’m always interested in finding new and exciting travel gadgets. Let me know in the comments below if there is a product you love that I didn’t mention so that I can go check it out!

The disclaimer: SOME of the travel gadgets above were gifted to me in exchange for a review. However, this post represents all my own opinions and feelings about each of the products. My followers are my priority and I aim to provide you with relevant information for your travel needs. I will never promote a product I do not believe in or do not see the benefit of.

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