A Photo Guide to the Freedom Trail in Boston

I have always had an aversion to tourist sites. Maybe it's because I got my training as a traveler in rural communities in Africa and Asia where tourist sites don't really exist. Or maybe it's because I am unbearably stubborn and, being my mother's daughter, insist on doing everything on my own. When I traveled to Boston last month, I decided to put all of that aside and give the tourist sites a try. Less because I felt like I should and more because I am a big dork who wanted to see where the Boston Tea Party started. In an attempt to experience first-hand the immense history of Boston, I spent the better half of a day walking the Freedom Trail.

It was incredible. Every stop was accompanied with a story I hadn't heard since my 12th grade US History class. The walls of the buildings whispered tales of the American Revolution and the floors creaked with memories of the 18th century. No words can do justice to the weight and grandeur I felt while touring these historic buildings, so I won't even try. Instead, I offer you the Freedom Trail in photo form, along with an earnest suggestion to see it for yourself if you ever get the chance to visit Boston.

For more on the history of the sites along the Freedom Trail, check out this awesome website.

Boston Common

Massachusetts State House

Park Street Church

Granary Burying Ground

King’s Chapel

King’s Chapel Burying Ground

Benjamin Franklin Statue & Boston Latin School

Old Corner Book Store

Old South Meeting House

Old State House

Faneuil Hall

Paul Revere House

Old North Church

Copp’s Hill Burying Ground

Bunker Hill Monument

(View of the sunset from the) USS Constitution

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