A Taste of Ashland

We chose Ashland out of convenience. It was about halfway between Seattle and Tahoe, so Monday night we arrived at the John McCall House and settled in for the night.

The John McCall House was to die for. Once a Victorian mansion, the guest house had all the old world charm you hope to find in a town made famous by its Shakespeare festival. In fact, we were so in love with the place that we spent almost an hour peeking our heads into every open room and taking an embarrassing number of photos.

Eventually we pulled ourselves away long enough to check out Ashland's downtown area.

Downtown Ashland

My mom and I only managed to go into one of the shops downtown, and it was an awful tease. We were staying a matter of minutes from the heart of downtown and everything looked precious, but the stores were closing and our stomachs were grumbling.

Just down the street from the John McCall House we came across a precious restaurant called Larks and sat down for what would prove to be our best meal on the road trip. We're talking squash fritters, acorn squash with mushroom risotto, BBQ prawns, and a pear cocktail I still have dreams about. It was all farm fresh and delicious, but mostly it confirmed my hunch that Ashland was awesome and I needed to explore it.

Unfortunately, I never got the chance. We had to leave early the next morning, before anything had opened, and missed the chance to wander through Ashland.

More on the John McCall House

Most of our short time in Ashland was spent in the John McCall House. To anyone traveling to Ashland: check it out. It is one of my favorite places I have ever stayed.

Each room features authentic Victorian-style furniture and the décor and lighting is all period accurate. It honestly feels like stepping back in time. We were lucky enough to stay in the room that once housed President Rutherford B. Hayes. If I had to sum it up in one word, I would go with wow.

If you ever find yourself at the John McCall House, you will be comfortable in any room. They are all beautiful, spacious, and cozy rooms with free Wi-Fi and access to the unlimited tea/coffee bar.

I will leave you with one piece of advice: stay for breakfast. The woman that cooks breakfast is a culinary master and the meal was unreal. From juicy, fresh fruit to home-cooked crostini, we were in heaven. I wanted to stay another day just to see what she would cook Wednesday morning.

But alas, Tahoe was waiting. So it was back to the car and on the road again. Still, I have a feeling I will be back in Oregon again soon. If this road trip only accomplished one thing, it was to leave me with a major crush on my Northern neighbor.

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