A Taste of Life as a Travel Blogger


Once I decided to become a travel blogger, I spent an excessive amount of time on Google. I searched phrases like, "how to be a travel blogger," "tips for travel blogging"... you get the picture.

I found a ton of resources, but there was on thing that I read over and over: networking is key. Further into the search results hole I came across Travel Massive.

Travel Massive is the largest community of people in the travel industry.

So I built a profile, joined one of their 115 chapters (the SF branch to be specific), and started seeing what Travel Massive had to offer.

That's how I came across last night's event.

Meeting fellow travelers

When I signed up, I didn't know what to expect. All I knew was there would be drinks, food, and a bunch of travel people. I was sold.

I put on something I thought said, "hip travel blogger," and hopped on BART. As soon as I arrived at the Marker Hotel I knew I had made the right decision. The setting was stunning--the kind of fancy I only dreamed about.

The event itself was incredible. I met the kind of people that make me look like a homebody. They were inspiring people and I had a spectacular time hearing stories of where they had been and where they were going.

While that would have been plenty, the night was about much more than meeting strangers. Travel Massive had partnered with Terranea for the event and we were there to learn all about their newer resort in Palos Verdes.

Taste of Terranea

I have no ties to Terranea. In fact, before last night I had never even heard of them. So when I tell you that I am in love with the place, you know that I am serious.

I was intrigued when I tried one of their lemon margaritas, made from sea salt they harvest themselves. Then they started walking around with lobster ceviche and rabbit tacos, telling us about their on-site halks and four beehives.

Alright, alright, I get it, I thought to myself, your food is super fancy. But I can get fancy and delicious food right here in San Francisco. So how was it worth my time--and money for that matter--to visit Terranea just for an (admittedly incredible) meal?

Then they mentioned the fact that you can see sunset AND sunrise from their property. And they have full moon yoga classes. And a luxurious spa.

I was convinced that it was an unbeatable luxury resort that would be great for relaxing, but it lacked one crucial element: adventure. As the title of my blog suggests, my number one motivator in traveling is my search for adventure.

That's when the woman I was speaking with casually mentioned their adventure concierge.

Adventure concierge?! Hearing those two words was like music to my ears. Everyone should have an adventurer concierge. Heck, now I want to BE an adventure concierge. That's what officially flipped me from interested to obsessed.

The moral of the story...

I love being a travel blogger.

Meeting new people, learning about new places, indulging in free food and drinks... it's kind of the bomb.

There are so many people in the travel community that have remarkable stories and being in a community where I am surrounded by these types of people makes me feel incredibly grateful for where I am and where I am headed.

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