Learning the Meaning of Balance

Some time during elementary school a teacher pulled out a scale. She put a 50 gram weight on one side and started placing 10 gram weights on the other. We watched in awe (okay, more likely we stared blankly and disinterestedly) as the two sides of the scale began to level. She was teaching us how to balance things; if one side is too heavy, you add things to the other side until they are even.

If you are thinking, “what the heck, I thought this was a travel blog,” let me explain. For years my travel has come between work and school. This month was the first time I experimented with traveling while working and it taught me I still have a lot to learn about balance.

It wasn’t so bad in Georgia. I would get my work done in the morning, explore during the middle of the day, then blog or do anything else on my to-do list in the evening. But in Georgia I was staying alone in a massive house and knew absolutely no one in the area. Things got a bit more complicated when I hit the East Coast.

Throughout Boston, New Jersey, and New York I had friends who wanted to show me around, get lunch, or just hang out. I also wanted to explore the cities on my own and take tons of photos for my loyal followers (that’s you). Plus I needed time to do yoga, work on my fiction writing, and write more blog posts. Oh, and I had mountains of work assignments to complete.

I put the work and blog on one side of the scale. Then I tried to even it out by putting travel, friendship, and self-care onto the other side of the scale. Like so many things I learned in school, this method was not working in reality. I wasn’t balancing things out. I was just overwhelming the scale and I knew if I kept piling things on it would snap.

When I graduated college I decided not to take a 9-to-5 job. I wanted the freedom to go wherever I want, whenever I want. I am experimenting with a lifestyle that gives me this freedom; however, I’m in the early stages and I still have a lot to learn. Like the fact that balance isn’t found by adding more of the good stuff, but by doing less all together.

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