Must-Have Holiday Gifts for The Traveler in Your Life

Discovery Trekking Ultra Fast-Dry Towel

This awesome towel is the perfect travel accessory. It dries in no time and it folds super small, so it is easy to carry with you around the world.

Gomadic Portable Solar Charger

This is ideal for backpackers or anyone planning to spend time away from the house. You can charge your electronics straight from the solar panel or fill up a portable battery pack.

The Scrubba Wash Bag

Keeping your clothing clean while you travel can be a pain. This handy bag is easy to travel with and will keep your clothing smelling fresh throughout your travels.

Blunt Umbrella

The blunt umbrella is the best umbrella I've ever found. It's incredibly durable, it's super lightweight, and you can buy a compact one that will fit in any traveler's bag.

Snap Toothbrush

I'm so obsessed with this toothbrush. Instead of having to throw away your toothbrush and get a new one every few months, you can just snap off and replace the top. It's green and convenient!

Travel Zen Meditation Cushion

This gift is perfect for the mindful travelers out there. When deflated, it folds up super small and can travel anywhere. When inflated, it is a super comfortable meditation cushion.

Walter + Ray

Literally anything from this place is perfect for travelers. They have great seatback organizers, reading lights, armrest cushions, and other travel gadgets you never realized you needed.


This clip is super handy and a necessary accessory for any traveler. The durable, multi-functioning qlipter is a carabiner and a hook all in one and it is an AWESOME tool that I continue to find more and more uses for.

Matador Pocket Blanket

This blanket folds up super small, but when unfolded it is fairly large. Plus, it's water and puncture resistant. Because it is so small and portable you can bring it anywhere and always have a blanket on hand.


For the female travelers out there, the P-Mate can be tucked into any bag so that whenever you need to go, you've got all you need.

Now get out there and get shopping!

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