How Much Chill is Too Much

I consider myself a pretty relaxed person. Between growing up in California, studying to be a yoga teacher, and traveling the world, the ability to 'chill out' runs deep in my veins.

But I'm also ambitious. I'm driven. I like to have a to-do list and I love to cross things off said list.

That dichotomy has worked well over the years. It has also made my time at DreamSea Surf Camp nothing short of fascinating.

When I first arrived, I was so ready to chill. I had been on the move for two weeks straight, trying to balance five jobs, and anxiously waiting to hear back from University of Edinburgh regarding my application.

DreamSea is the perfect place for those looking to relax. The mornings are slow and the days are even slower. If we aren't lounging under the mango tree, it's because we are lounging on the beach. Some might manage to surf or do some yoga, but even that is done with a relaxed, Pura Vida attitude.

I was loving it.

And then I didn't love it so much. I got bored of the same thing, all day, every day. Inevitably, that boredom led to frustration. "Tico time" (aka when the 10am shuttle leaves at 10:45) started to feel oppressive. The hang loose gesture started to look obscene. And if one more person offered me a beer at 2pm, I was going to throw it in their face.

I had hit my carrying capacity for chill.

After 14 days at DreamSea I am finally starting to find a balance. I have learned I can't spend 10am-5pm every day laying in the sand. But I am lucky enough to be living in a beach town in Costa Rica, so I do try to get in the ocean every day.

I've started going to more cafes to get my work done instead of procrastinating under the mango tree. Sometimes I walk across town just for a change of scenery. And I'm constantly learning that life is all about finding the precarious balance that works for you.

I dove head first into the DreamSea lifestyle the moment I got here. After the first week I realized I was drowning. So I ran to the shore as fast as I could. Now I've got my toes in the water again and I'm slowly wading into the ocean, trying to figure out how much chill is too much and how much chill is just right.

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