Las Nubes Natural Energy Resort: A Hidden Oasis in Costa Rica

After spending 4 days sweating in a tiny tent amongst 7,000 hippies, I would have been in heaven with a cot in a hostel dorm. And that’s where most of my travel friends were heading. As for me, I was heading back to the blogger world and to a room at Las Nubes Natural Energy Resort.

I didn’t really know what to expect. The photos made it look nice, but I was unwilling to get my hopes up. Turns out I could’ve let my hopes run wild and I still would have been blown away.

My first impressions of the incredible resort in the middle of nowhere

Augusto, one of the employees at Las Nubes, picked me up at the bus station with an ATV. We drove half an hour through a winding dirt road that was increasingly what I would consider in the middle of nowhere and finally pulled into a massive farm near the top of the hill.

First I was taken to the main house—a massive open air building on top of the hill that offered a 360o view of Costa Rica. On one side of the kitchen was an inviting pool that overlooked the beaches and towns below. On the other side a few chairs were spread about for what Filip promised me was a perfect sunset spot.

From the main house I was led to my private cabana. As soon as I was alone my jaw dropped and I ran back and forth, touching everything like a little kid in a candy store. I had a big stone shower, a king-sized bed, and beautiful sitting area. Outside, a patio surrounded my cabana where I had the option of relaxing in the hammock or one of the two chairs overlooking another unbelievable view of Costa Rica’s endless beauty.

Of course I went straight for the shower. When Filip had mentioned that they have hot water I let out an audible squeal and now I turned the hot water nob on high and stood under the scalding water. I started to feel overwhelmed with gratitude. I hadn’t taken a hot shower in 2 months. Once I laid on my heaven-sent bed the overwhelming feeling took over. I melted into the soft mattress and was asleep in a matter of seconds.

Why Las Nubes is so much more than just a fancy jungle resort

That night I joined five other guests, Filip, and his wife for a feast of nearly 10 different dishes, all of which had been cooked with fresh, local ingredients by Filip himself. We all drooled over the meal and by the attitude of the other guests I took it this was par for the course at Las Nubes.

The next morning this was confirmed by the mouth-watering spread that greeted me. After devouring the meal, Filip offered to take me on a tour of the farm.

He had started building the resort 8 years ago with the help of students from the local biodiversity school who helped him design everything to be entirely self-sustainable. He had his own water purification system that used volcanic stones and plants to recycle the water on site and solar panels that fueled the energy at the resort. Around the farm he pointed out banana trees, pineapple plants, wild cilantro, lemongrass, guava, sugar cane, coffee, pepper, vanilla, grapefruit, tomatoes, ginger, almonds, cinnamon, and more exotic plants that all helped keep his kitchen stocked and his guests’ stomachs’ happy.

He showed me the turkeys, chickens, rabbits, and tilapia that composed almost all of the meat consumption at the resort and introduced me to their resident horse, Banana.

Around the farm were nearly 200 acres of forest with a winding trail system for the adventurous. Which on any other day would have been me, but at that point I could hardly stand on two feet any longer and instead opted for a quiet day of relaxing beside the pool.

At first glance Las Nubes is a beautiful resort that is great for rejuvenating and escaping the hustle and bustle of daily life. But if you look a little closer you will find a revolutionary project in the tourism industry. What Filip is doing can only be described as the future of tourism. He has created an entirely self-sustainable natural energy resort that gives his guests the experience of luxury without causing damage to the local environment.

Filip told me his dream was that Las Nubes would become a center for small, intimate yoga and wellness retreats. As for me, my dream is that someday every hotel and resort will have the same passion for sustainability that fuels Las Nubes.

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