Apple Farm Inn in San Luis Obispo; Worth It?

I've stayed in a lot of places. I've roughed it in dorm beds for $4 a night and camped in the jungle in Costa Rica, but I've also been treated like a queen in an eco-resort and had an entire Icelandic cabin to myself. Every time I go to a new place I try to find something different from what I've done before and for San Luis Obispo that meant checking out one of the city's most famous hotels. I don't usually do hotels and I rarely do places that show up in the top 10 google results for "hotels in city X," so this was definitely something different.

I came to Apple Farm Inn in San Luis Obispo after a weekend of camping in Morro Bay. I was tired and dirty, but I was excited. Was this beloved hotel in SLO going to live up to its reputation?

SLO Hotel Living up to its Reputation

Neither Charlie (my travel buddy for the weekend) nor I knew exactly what to expect from Apple Farm Inn, but when we turned into the parking lot we had a good feeling about the place. Right from the start we were greeted with hundreds of blooming flowers and adorable cottage-like buildings. It looked like we were about to find out just exactly why everyone loves Apple Farm Inn.

The inn was just as cute inside as out. The halls were lined with wardrobes that were filled with the most eclectic array of knick-knacks I could have dreamed of. Then, of course, there was our room.

When I reserved a room with two beds, I was honestly expecting it to be a bit cramped. But our room was one of the most spacious hotel rooms I have ever stayed in. It managed that perfect balance between elegance and adorableness and we never once heard anything happening in the rooms around us.

One feature that I really loved was the reading nook. We had a view of the old mill house and I spent plenty of time cuddled in the bay window watching the hotel guests hustling and bustling outside.

My Favorite Thing About Apple Farm Inn

There is a lot to love about Apple Farm Inn. The pool, the happy hour, the proximity to downtown San Luis Obispo... there's a reason people love this place. But without a doubt my favorite thing about Apple Farm Inn was the staff. The minute we showed up, Charlie and I were greeted by one of the nicest humans I have ever met. He didn't just give us our key and show us our room. He chatted with us, joked with us, and gave us some killer dining recommendations. I loved staying at Apple Farm Inn in San Luis Obispo, but it was the treatment I received while there that left me thinking I could totally come back.

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