5 Hidden Destinations Discovered in the Last 50 Years

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Some historic landmarks have been household names for years, having been at the forefront of our understanding about ancient cultures. Others don’t share that same privilege owing to the fact that they have only been uncovered recently. Before planning your next vacation, check out these five hidden destinations that were discovered within the last 50 years.

1. Temple of Demeter – Sicily

This ancient Greek temple is believed to have been constructed in the seventh century BC and pays homage to the Goddess Demeter. While there has been a temple dedicated to Hera in Selinunte, Sicily for many years, the existence of a second place of worship was only spotted in 2011.

Interestingly, the location of the temple means it’s technically the farthest west Greek temple to ever be discovered. That makes it a spot of immense cultural significance for anyone with an interest in the ancient world.

2. Hang Son Doong – Vietnam

This landmark was first uncovered in 1991, and is (to date) the largest natural cave known to exist in the world. Hang Son Doong extends for five miles into the rock and has ceilings which reach a peak of 600 feet.

Half the charm of this beautiful natural locale comes from the story of the discovery itself. A young 18-year-old man named HoKanh stumbled across it one day, only to promptly lose track of the entrance when he informed local authorities of his discovery. 20 years later, when it was found again by a team of British cavers, HoKanh was finally proved right.

3. Ciudad Perdida – Colombia

Ciudad Perdida – or, in our tongue, the “Lost City” – is a shining example of a breath-taking historical Mayan landmark which, until very recently, went completely unappreciated. Serving as the less commercialised brother of Peruvian wonder Machu Picchu, Ciudad Perdida was first found in the 1970s during an excursion in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta Mountain.

You’ll find very few tourists here for a couple of reasons. Firstly, the relatively recent discovery of the spot means it has gone without much press compared to the likes of other Mayan establishments. Secondly, it’s a staggering six-day trek to reach the city. Needless to say, your average tourist lacks that kind of commitment.

4. City of the Monkey God – Honduras

This rather originally-named city was the stuff of legend for years, but was discovered in earnest for the first time in 2015 by a troupe of explorers searching for the mythical spot.

They stumbled across a number of archaic stone sculptures, most of which were sticking up out of the ground – yet still relatively well preserved. Some people still dispute whether this is the real City of the Monkey God or not.

5. Mountain Trekking with Gorillas – East Africa

While we always knew these majestic creatures existed in the mountains of Africa, it wasn’t until 1988 that we really appreciated them. Zoologist Dian Fossey spent 13 years observing them before her untimely death – and it was this dedication which led to the 1988 movie “Gorillas in the Mist” capturing the hearts of the masses.

Since then it has become popular for people to travel out to this region of Africa and observe the gorillas in their natural environment. They’re a friendly bunch, and won’t cause any troubles so long as you treat them with respect – just like humans.

Interested in taking a trip to any of these hidden destinations for your next holiday? Check out one of these spots for an adventure which will leave you mind-boggled at the prospect of all the other undiscovered gems out there.

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