Boho Hostel in Malta: Peaceful, Hip, and Helpful

A Review of Boho Hostel in Malta

I arrived in Malta all a flutter. It was my first time traveling solo in over a year and I could feel myself sinking into the familiar sensation of being somewhere entirely unfamiliar. The air felt fresher than the air in Scotland. Not that Maltese air is actually any fresher, but there's something about newness that tastes crisp and clear. I was excited to be on the road again and eager to start exploring. But after a long day of travel, I was also exhausted. It was in this state that I arrived at Boho Hostel. Boho is a hostel in Malta in which I spent two nights. And it turned out to be the perfect base for my explorations of Malta.

Here's why...

Boho Hostel is a peaceful little paradise in a quiet neighborhood

Hostel and peaceful are rarely used in the same sentence. But then again, there are a lot of things about Boho that go against my traditional understanding of hostel. And I mean that in the best way possible.

It may very well be because I wasn't there during the height of tourist season, but Boho Hostel had a very quiet, peaceful atmosphere about it. Everyone was friendly and welcoming, but there was no wild partying or 2am strangers stumbling into your dorm room (which happens surprisingly often in hostels).

While some people might prefer a party hostel, I loved the quiet nature of Boho. It wasn't so quiet that it felt cold; in fact, I found the people to be very warm and met a wonderful girl there whom I did a bit of traveling with the next day. It's not even that it is quiet. It's more that it's not loud. As in you can sleep through the night, which is practically a miracle in the hostel world. So if you're looking for a nice hostel in Malta where you can actually get some rest, Boho could be a good option for you.

Plus, it is really clean. While I didn't stay in any other hostels on the island, I'd be willing to bet it's the cleanest hostel in Malta. Hell, it might be the cleanest hostel in the world. Maybe it's weird to drone on about the cleanliness, but I was honestly amazed! The kitchen (fully-equipped kitchen, I might add) was spotless and I could shower (in hot water) barefoot without worrying about what my toes were touching.

The cleanliness was impressive and the peacefulness was really nice, but that's only the tip of the iceberg. Keep reading for more info about Boho Hostel.

The hip atmosphere makes it a bohemian dream-come-true

There's a reason they call themselves "Boho Hostel". Boho has got the bohemian style down. From quotes about travel painted on the walls to hundreds of shoes hanging from the banister, Boho Hostel has cultivated a hip atmosphere that will make any hipster, quasi-hippy, or self-proclaimed "bohemian" feel at home.

That may sound a bit tongue-in-cheek, but I mean it with complete sincerity. I loved the decor and it honestly added to my experience of the place. It draws a casual, fun-loving travel crowd and creates a little bubble of what can only be defined as "chill". It reminded me of my days surfing in Costa Rica.

What they've managed to do at Boho is boil down the essence of island life and paint their walls with it. The entire hostel oozes island attitude and every inch of the place inspires me to travel, destress, and have a good time. The culmination of this is their outdoor patio. Hammocks, couches, and outdoor tables invite you to spend your down time soaking up some island sunshine and learning what it means to be a proper beach bum. This hostel in Malta is the absolute perfect place to kick back, relax, and get a taste of life as an islander.

The staff (and resources) at this hostel in Malta are incredibly helpful

Sometimes island life can be associated with laziness. I think that's a misnomer; it's really just that we city-people don't know how to reach that level of relaxation. Either way, this was not the vibe at Boho. I have never met hostel staff that was this helpful and on top of their stuff. It was especially highlighted on my last night, a week later, when I stayed in a different hostel with a receptionist who literally just pointed to the stairs when I asked if they had a kitchen.

Like everything about this hostel in Malta, the staff at Boho exceeded my expectations. They were extremely helpful and friendly. They got me oriented to the island within my first hour in Malta and quickly directed my to their bookshelf of information.

This book shelf is an organized travelers wet dream. The shelves are categorized based on part of the island and type of activity, so whatever you want to do, you can find tips and information about it in the hostel. And anything you cannot find on the bookshelf you can find online, because the wifi in this hostel stretches literally everywhere.

A few random things that I really loved

I've covered most of the important parts of Boho Hostel in Malta. However, there are a few little things I loved about Boho that aren't actually important aspects of the hostel. They are just cool things. So here are my favorite random things Boho Hostel has:

  • Communal Toiletries: There are shelves in the bathrooms full of toiletries people left behind. So you don't need to worry if you forgot your shampoo (or, like me, your sunscreen).

  • Vending Machine: The vending machine in the lobby is clutch. They stock it with water for the dehydrated, soda for the relaxed, and beer for the party people. Just add wine to that list and they would never have gotten rid of me.

  • Interactive Map: One of the walls has a giant world map painted on it. People can access the paint and add their own little picture to the part of the world they hail from.

  • The Cat: I have no proof that this cat actually belongs to the hostel, but there was a cat that hung out around the property and (s)he was my favorite. While I am a dog person, I do love friendly cats. And this sweetheart was very friendly.

What amenities does Boho Hostel have?

The final verdict: A little out of the way, but very much worth it

The ONE downside (seriously, I adored everything else about this place) about Boho is that it is a little bit beyond what I would consider "central". It takes about ten minutes to walk to the center of Sliema, which isn't bad, but the walk back is all up hill so it can be a bit of a climb after a long day of exploring.

If you are looking for a handi-accessible hostel or hate walking, then you may want to look for a different hostel in Malta. But if a little bit of a hill doesn't put you off then I would recommend Boho Hostel with flying colors. It's affordable and awesome. I really loved the two nights I spent here and would definitely stay again if I was ever back in Malta.

*Note: I often receive free accommodation in exchange for reviews. That being said, I will never compromise my review due to this partnership. My reviews are honest, direct, and designed to help YOU find the perfect accommodation for your next trip. My readers are (and always will be) my first priority.

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