Monthly Wanderlust Destination: New Orleans, USA

Anyone who knows me knows that February is my birthday month. Mostly because the day Christmas ends, I start counting down the days until February 25th. Being the birthday-obsessed human I am, I couldn’t possible choose a February wanderlust destination without my birthday swaying the decision. Which is why I chose a destination that has been on my birthday bucket list for years: New Orleans. Why my longing to travel to New Orleans in February? Guess you’ll just have to keep reading…

February Wanderlust Destination: New Orleans, USA

February 25th. The day the world got a little brighter. The day a star was born. The day the universe was graced with my presence. And, more often than not, a day that falls within a week of Mardi Gras. Sometimes even the day of Mardi Gras.

In other words, basically all of New Orleans celebrates my birthday. So it’s no wonder I want to get over there and start celebrating with them! The music, the food, the costumes, the dancing; I couldn’t plan a better birthday party if I tried (which is saying something, because I am an epic party planner). Mardi Gras was the first thing I knew about New Orleans and continues to be the number one reason traveling here is on my bucket list. But, to be honest, it’s only the tip of the iceberg.

Photo by Serkan Turk via Unsplash

Not too far down on the metaphorical iceberg is the food. I’m pseudo-vegan and relatively health conscious, but ever since seeing The Princess and the Frog, I have had an unsatiated craving for authentic beignets. There’s a part of me that knows my life will never be truly complete until I take a bite of one of those powdered-sugar-covered clouds of deliciousness. Until then, I’ll stare at photos like this one, wipe the drool from my chin, and dream of a Mardis Gras birthday.

Photo via Wikipedia Commons

Next on the list of reasons I’m dying to visit New Orleans? The music. I discovered my first jazz club in 2011 in a tiny bar in the back of a sketchy hotel in Ethiopia. I was drinking wine legally for the first time in my life, so maybe my opinion was swayed, but I fell completely and utterly in love. I’ve always been a fan of any and all live music, but there was something about the spontaneity of jazz that excited my senses and made me want more. I intend to find more, and a lot of it, in New Orleans.

Photos by (left to right) Nathan Bingle and Breanne Buchanan via Unsplash

I’m a little ashamed for the fourth and final reason I’m listing New Orleans as my February Monthly Wanderlust Destination. But the reality is New Orleans is an Instagrammer’s paradise. I want to take photos of the colorful buildings. I want to wave from plant-covered balconies. I want to capture the trolley rolling down the street. I want to snap portraits of the craziest Mardis Gras outfits and jazz musicians in action. New Orleans is a photographer’s playground and I want to get myself a piece of that.

Photos by Victoria Heath via Unsplash and Cati via Instagram

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