Kayaking in Tahoe
Yoga in Tahoe
Hanging Out in Peru
Hiking in Tahoe
Sheep in England
Hiking in Scotland
Harry Potter Tour in Edinburgh
"Home" in Edinburgh
Hiking in Yosemite
Hi! I'm Sarah, aka "the Adventurer"

My name is Sarah Dittmore and I am the face behind Autobiography of an Adventurer. In other words, I am both the autobiographer and the adventurer.

I started solo traveling when I was 18. Fresh out of high school and convinced that I knew everything, I hopped on a plane to South Africa where I began my journey.

That adventure lasted 5 months and included safari rides in South Africa, a road trip in Turkey, teaching English in Ethiopia, caring for elephants in Thailand, and studying holistic medicine in India. Then it was off to New York City to begin my studies at NYU.

I crammed my university education into 3 years and nearly half of that abroad. I did one semester at NYU’s Ghana campus in Accra and another in Florence, Italy. My last summer at NYU I participated in a writing program in Paris. Then it was off to Central and South America for a year of travels before heading to Grad School in Edinburgh. And after that? The world! 

I work as a freelance writer to pay the bills, but my travel blog is my real passion. It brings together my love of travel and my love of writing. I write about my travels, not to brag, but to inspire people to live their lives freely and wildly. I hope to empower my readers to take the reins and lead their lives in a way that is authentic and fulfilling. There's a whole world out there to explore, so let's adventure!